Valcom VCS Communication System

General     Architecture    Capacity   


The Valcom VCS is a multi-path paging/signaling/program distribution system that is designed to interface with a telephone system.  It employs state-of-the-art, digital technology and will connect to both centrally amplified (70-volt) or  distributed amplified (24-volt) components.  It is modular, microprocessor-controlled, PC-programmable and provides the following standard features:

The system is capable of providing the following optional features:


The VCS Communication System is a combination of zone and feature cards, connected and housed in a wall or free standing floor cabinet.  The system is accessed through up to eight loop start trunk ports from a telephone system.  One page announcement per port can be broadcast simultaneously to different zones, without interrupting tone and program distribution to other zones.  The system may be connected to central amplifiers and/or Valcom self-amplified one-way speakers and horns with built-in volume controls, or Valcom talkback speakers and horns.  An unlimited number of Valcom one-way speakers and horns can be connected to each zone.  The system may also be connected to Valcom desktop administrative stations (4 maximum), wall-mounted digital message displays, or strobe alerts.  The system may also be connected to multiple microphones, door entry systems, music sources, call-in switches, or time clocks. 

The system has an SMDR serial output for system activity reporting.


The system has the following maximum capacities: