Four Port Conference Bridge/Expandable

4 Port Conference Bridge/Expandable........................................VL-CONF-4

In the event of an unanticipated crisis, it is critical to provide emergency information to first responders within the first few minutes - this is the time frame which has the greatest potential for saving lives.

Valcom Services L.L.C. offers engineered Emergency IP Conference Systems which can be configured to provide features that meet specific site requirements and include:

The VL-CONF-4, four port network conference bridge instantly connects first responders together enhancing command and control capabilities. Used with Valcom VoIP FXS and audio gateways, it provides a reliable, easy to configure and maintain full duplex IP conference bridge.

The conference bridge system can operate as an independent stand-alone IP system using standard telephones and IP gateways or devices may be SIP enabled allowing access from a VoIP telephone system or a combination thereof. The conferencing system is scalable and may be expanded up to 7 two-way users and a virtually unlimited number of listen only users. The system can be programmed with a dedicated call initiator with ringdown to other phones and speakers or multiple call initiator points. The conference can be joined by auto ringdown or by dial in “meet me”.

The system may be configured to provide an audio input to public address and mobile radio systems. Additionally, the system provides contact closures for door control, lighting, various appliance control, loud ringing devices and strobe lights. Applications include airport telephone crash systems, subways and rail systems, schools and universities, power plants, utility companies, any application where first responders or employees require immediate conference capability.

The conference system meets FAA requirements for Airfield operations.

Optional enhancements include:
  • Battery Back-up
  • E-mail and text message notifications of an event
  • Recording of all conference calls
  • Visual indication of users on conference bridge
  • System activity monitoring via SysLog
  • Network integrity monitoring
  • Wire fault monitoring
  • Auxiliary contact closures
  • Public address and mobile radio interface
  • Custom audible alerts and ring tones
For application specific information please contact us!